What is CloudFunnels? 17 Reasons Why CloudFunnels Should Be Your #1 Choice

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Are you looking for the perfect tool that can help you create an effective sales funnel for your business? Don’t worry, we have got you a savior, CloudFunnels!

In this blog, you’ll get to know what CloudFunnels is and whether you should get it to make your business a top-notch player in the industry or not. 

Let’s start by knowing more about CloudFunnels.

What is CloudFunnels?

CloudFunnels is a software used to build highly-interactive business websites, sales funnels, landing pages, memberships, and so on. It’s one of the most affordable website and funnel builder that is easy to use and doesnot require any coding knowledge.

CloudFunnels also offers many free plugins to enhance your sales funnel building process and makes it more effective. While using CloudFunnels, you do not need to buy additional hostings.

This software also integrates with all the major CRMs & autoresponders saving you the money for buying additional email marketing tools. CloudFunnels can help you build your dream website at a very minimal cost.

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Major Features of CloudFunnels

Now that you know what CloudFunnels is, let’s move on to have a look at the major features that make CloudFunnels your sales buddy.

1) Simple product creation

2) Create lists & get leads

3) Create any content in the membership area

4) Powerful integrations

5) A/B testing

6) Create funnels easily

7) GDPR compatible

8) Powerful no code designer

9) Informative analytics

10) Powerful email automation

How CloudFunnels Works?

As it is said earlier that CloudFunnels does not require any technical expertise to build effective sales funnels from scratch, so here are the 3 main steps you need to follow while building a sales funnel on CloudFunnels.

Step 1: Login to CloudFunnels

Step 2: Create your sales funnel based on the templates

Step 3: Publish & get paid

Trivia Fact You Must Know

Did you know?

It is proven that a Typical Sales Funnel Can Boost Your Profit by More Than 100%

Now, in the year 2022, each person who has the buying power is buying online. This trend is going to accelerate beyond imagination in the coming years.

No matter what your business is, if you want to make a profit, you will have to make sure that your business has an excellent online presence. Thus, to make an excellent online presence, your business needs to have a great sales funnel and landing page. 

Additional features of CloudFunnels that can help you boost your sales

Moving ahead, let’s have a look at additional features that CloudFunnels has to offer to your business:

  • 30+ readymade funnel and opt-in templates
  • Make multiple landing pages and funnels on one domain
  • No coding required
  • Supports Zapier integration
  • Insightful Sales
  • Leads Analytics
  • Integrate Facebook and Google pixels easily
  • SEO friendly
  • Supports 20 autoresponders
  • One-click install
  • Supports 17 payment gateways

These features make CloudFunnels easily the best funnel builder with profit-boosting features that business owners don’t find at the double product it’s price.

Should you invest in CloudFunnels to grow your business?

If you are someone waiting for your business to grow online, you should invest wisely in a tool that offers multiple features for the growth of your dream project.

You must go through the following points as they’ll help make your decision of investing in CloudFunnels:

1. Enables you to create multiple funnels on one domain

CloudFunnels enable you to create multiple funnels on a single domain, unlike other funnel builders that support only one funnel per domain.

2. Saves your valuable money

With CloudFunnels, you don’t have to pay for any external autoresponder. CloudFunnels includes a full-blown autoresponder with a unique mail sequence feature. Also, it offers many free plugins to make your work faster & smoother.

3. You can do remarketing easily

CloudFunnels makes it easy to implement pixels on domain and verify them on Facebook, Google, and other applications for easy remarketing.

4. Provides insightful analytics

CloudFunnels gives you detailed sales analytics that provides you with a complete overview of your business.

5. A/B testing

You can compare the performance of any two landing pages and easily find out the pages that are giving better leads with CloudFunnels.

6. Easy to use design

The CloudFunnels design is easily understandable as it works on the drag and drop method. You can create your reusable blocks in CloudFunnels.

7. No DNS setup required

The users can easily book a domain in CloudFunnels with no complex DNS setup. 

8. No hosting hassles

You can use CloudFunnel’s in-built hosting.

9. Saves your time

There are multiple template options available for funnels, landing pages, and lead pages on CloudFunnels.

10. Great connection to multiple apps

CloudFunnels enables you to connect any app with a Zap and market it without any hassle.

11. Makes your compliance easier

CloudFunnels is 100% GDPR compliant. You can have control over the user data and do data reporting easily.

12. Manages access easily 

CloudFunnels gives separate and limited access to your team so that you can easily manage the access to be given.

13. Makes Hosting Process Smooth

CloudFunnels creates an interactive website for your business without any hassle. You can start your CloudFunnels in just a few clicks!

14. Secured tool

With an increase in cyber crimes, it becomes essential for website owners to invest in a safe and secured tool. With CloudFunnels distributed infrastructure, all your data remains safe and secure.

15. Protects your business from Funnel-hacking

It is really easy for the sharks to find and steal your funnels. With CloudFunnels, you keep your funnels protected. 

16. Creates High-Performance Funnels

CloudFunnels creates high-performance funnels that help you generate leads, get more sales and improve your ranking on the search engines. CloudFunnels builds the fastest landing pages.

17. 100% Customizable

CloudFunnels is 100% customizable according to your business operations. No matter whether your business operates solo or uses multiple users, CloudFunnels makes it easier for you to grow your business online.


Now, I know there’s nothing much to say as you know that this is the right time to invest in CloudFunnels to change the game of your business. CloudFunnels is easier than anything you’ve ever seen. 

With its one-click installation, you can do anything from booking a domain to installing CloudFunnels on it. CloudFunnels is the thing your business needs to take full advantage of while keeping all your profits.

It’s time to show your business some love by upgrading CloudFunnels and saving hundreds of dollars while exploding your online marketing.

You’re lucky too, as CloudFunnels is on sale and you can grab the best deal if you act now. We assure you that this can be a game-changer for your business!

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