10 Ways To Make Thousands Of Dollars Using CloudFunnels

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Who doesn’t like to earn a little something online in this digital era?

If you have CloudFunnels, you can make thousands of dollars using it while sitting at home. All you need is to get started.

A lot of people are using CloudFunnels nowadays to make money online. It’s a potent tool and with a plan, you can create a recurring revenue source. 

CloudFunnels is the perfect business site-builder designed to put you ahead of the competition. With it, you can create amazing funnels and landing pages.

What is CloudFunnels?

CloudFunnels is a one-click sales funnel and website builder that can help you create almost everything you need to establish a solid online presence. It can help to create lead pages, landing pages, membership sites, corporate sites, and much more. 

With its no-coding required drag-n-drop website designer you can easily create beautiful web pages and maximize profits through unlimited funnel support.

The best part about this builder is that it is 100% mobile responsive and requires no external hosting.

Some of its Key Features include:

  • Easy Drag-n-drop designer
  • Wide range of readymade templates
  • Multiple funnel support in one domain
  • in-built email autoresponder with sequencing
  • A/B testing support
  • Detailed analytics with easy pixel implementation
  • Controlled Team Access
  • 100% GDPR Complaint

Is it expensive?

Not at all! CloudFunnels is probably the most affordable funnel builder loaded with such incredible features. It comes in 2 flexible plans.

  • CloudFunnels Elite Monthly: $19 with dual domain support and limited free plugins.
  • CloudFunnels Elite Yearly: $67 with 10 domain support, commercial rights, and unlimited free plugins!

How to make money with CloudFunnels?

Wondering how can you earn some money with CloudFunnels? Now to make money by using it, here are the 10 ways to get started:

1) Sell your products through CloudFunnels

Selling your products or services via sales funnels is the best way to make money with CloudFunnels. This is what CloudFunnels was built for to increase the average cart value of every visitor that comes into your funnel.

Everyone with buying power is buying online, and this trend is only going to accelerate in 2022 and beyond.

Now you might think- “Will CloudFunnels work for my business?”

Well, if you have any product or service to offer, then CloudFunnels will definitely work for you. 

2) Build Landing Pages and Funnels to sell

Businesses are out there looking for people to build their funnels and landing pages for them every day. This is precisely where the opportunity lies.

Funnel Building is a high-paying niche and people are charging 100s of dollars to do basic funnel work. With CloudFunnels helping you build affordable funnels, you can dominate this market and get more & more clients.

If you need help creating unique funnels or landing pages using CloudFunnels, we have a lot of tutorial videos that can help you.

3) Promote CloudFunnels as an affiliate marketer

There are lots of people making thousands of dollars each month by promoting CloudFunnels alone. One of the reasons behind this are the amazing benefits that you will receive.

Here’s why affiliate marketers love CloudFunnels:

  • 50% Commission, paid in 30 days
  • Get free sales page and marketing tools to promote
  • 24/7 live chat and ticket support
  • It’s easy to sign up on being an affiliate marketer and promote CloudFunnels.
  • It’s free to start/sign up
  • It is an easy process
  • Easy and on-time payout 

Cloudfunnels is very affordable when compared to costly funnel builders which is why you should start promoting this software as an affiliate marketer.

4) Create a lead magnet and get more leads for your business

A lead magnet is a resource, product, or service that is given away for free to collect contact information from the company’s target market. Contact information might include email address, phone number, name, and shipping information. 

You can easily create it on CloudFunnels. Start getting as many leads and sales as possible without pressure or worries.

5) Create lead magnets for multiple niches and sell the leads

Now if you’re not selling your product, you can even help other people who are looking for leads. Wondering how?

Use CloudFunnels to create a lead magnet for multiple niches like Insurance, Real Estate, Home services, and more. Gather as many leads as possible and search for businesses that are looking for leads. Approach different businesses and sell your leads to them in return for money.

This is a great strategy that many people are applying nowadays for some good money. You can try it out too!

6) Create CloudFunnels templates and sell them on Fiverr

Do you know there are people who are looking for certain templates for their funnels, landing pages, & so on?

You can easily create funnel templates, landing page templates, and squeeze & lead page templates with the help of CloudFunnels. Not only is this a great part-time gig, but you can generate a substantial amount of money doing this.

Before you begin creating templates, research what type of templates are people looking for, and then start creating and selling the templates. Create on-demand templates and charge more money for them.

7) Create funnels, collect some traffic and stats, and flip the funnels 

Start creating and customizing funnels and sites perfectly for the unique requirements of other businesses. It’s easy with CloudFunnel’s commercial license. 

While waiting for some buyers, collect traffic and stats with CloudFunnels, the good thing about it is that the more traffic you have collected the higher the price you can sell it for.

8) Create paid membership sites

A membership site is a business where customers access content for members. Often, membership sites are paid and the content is exclusive.

The membership content can include the following:

  • Blog-style articles
  • Listicles
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • White papers
  • Screencasts

When you update your membership site with new content, subscribers consume it. They get an individual username and password that grants them access to the membership part of your site as long as their subscription remains active.

A membership site can be highly profitable and most marketers create a membership site to establish authority and build loyalty. You can make both free & paid membership sites easily with CloudFunnels.

You can create free memberships for leads or sign-in memberships where you can integrate with 20+ payment gateways & carts for paid memberships inside CloudFunnels.

9) Create a corporate site

Whatever your interest is, whether you’re into writing, music, or marketing, the web has opened new doors for you to create free websites and earn money. 

A lot of corporate companies are looking for site builders to create their sites, and many don’t want site builders that are only popular because of the hype but will cost a hefty amount of money. With CloudFunnels’ best features you can easily create corporate sites that you profit out of. 

10) Run lead-generation campaigns for others

Some ways to generate leads are through job applications, blog posts, coupons, live events, and online content. These lead generators are just a few examples of lead generation strategies you can use to attract potential customers and guide them toward your offers. And you can create those easily with CloudFunnels.

To get more leads, email campaigns are very useful. Creating an email campaign in CloudFunnels can help you to get more and more leads in your funnels.


These are just the tip of the iceberg! Once you start using CloudFunnels, you will find n number of ways that you can use to earn money online without putting in a lot of effort.

CloudFunnels is an affordable sales funnel builder which is currently on sale and comes with an email automation feature as well. 

So, which of the above-mentioned ways are you going to use to make thousands of dollars?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to share this blog post with those who are interested to make some money while sitting at home.

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