There is that one last thing that every entrepreneur saves for the last, and yes, it’s always the best feature, the best deal.

What I have for you right here is something that will help you get more sales & business through Facebook Ads and Cold Emails.

That is a killer-combination that has helped thousands of businesses grow from zero to epic. Now it can be yours.

The secret is simple.

Use Facebook ads to get fresh traffic, retargeting & at the same time use Cold-email prospecting to turn unknown prospects into buyers.

Here is the toolset to make this happen.

Turn Your Facebook Ads From Boring
To Killer With Adplify

Turn Your Facebook Ads From Boring To Killer With Adplify

Facebook Ads allows you to reach out to thousands of users at once with hyper-relevant targeting.

But Low RoI on Facebook ads kills your profits and prevents you from scaling.

AdPlify automates higher conversions, saves up to 50% on your ad expense, and finds your perfect customer with laser-targeted efficiency.

You can seamlessly reach out to relevant new users and then introduce your business to them.

Cold Email marketing is the best way to convert cold leads into customers.

But cold-emailing is not easy. It only works if the customer actually thinks that the emails are written just for him. Treat it like mass email marketing and you will not make any sales.

Get it right and the rewards can be beyond your imagination.

PursueApp is the most powerful cold email marketing tool that makes everything easy for you.

AdPlify Gives You The Combined Power
Of 7 Different SAAS Products For Total
Facebook Ads Domination

AdPlify Gives You The Combined Power Of 7 Different SAAS Products For Total Facebook Ads Domination

Track Competitor/Guru Ads

Not another ad library that gives you a limited collection of ads that you can’t use.

The AdPlify Ad watcher lets you live-track all your competition, gurus you admire or anyone else who you want to track.

Know what your competition or favorite marketer is up to and stay ahead of the trends.

Find Hidden Ad Audiences For Cheaper Clicks & Better RoI

There are tens of thousands of audiences that are not shown in the audience finder of Facebook’s Ad Manager.

These are perfect audiences that nobody is exploiting. Ripe for you to run your ads and profit from.

Get cheaper clicks, better conversions and customers that aren’t targeted to death already.

Get Higher Conversions With Behavioral Retargeting

Facebook retargeting works, but you can boost your conversions 300% if you use Behavioral retargeting.

AdPlify brings you supercharged retargeting that lets you reach out specifically to highly engaged customers.

Find & target your super-customers. People who will buy fast and more.

Get Market Intelligence & Audiences From Competitor Pages

Ready to benefit from the hard work done by your competitors?

The Page-targeter lets you discover hidden audiences owned by the massive pages in your niche. Just take their audience and their customers!

Power your sales with the hard-work done by your competition.

Continuous Retargeting For Your List

Imagine how many more sales would you make if as soon as a lead signed up to your list, he was also retargeted on Facebook?

Strike the iron while it is hot.

No need to tediously export autoresponder lists and import them into Facebook.

Target your customers on multiple platforms and make them convert faster.

Make Your Ads Pop Out in The Overcrowded Feed

Have you seen how some Facebook ads use emojis and really pop out?

AdPlify’s ad decorator lets you create highly noticeable ads in minutes. Click-Click, done!

Make your ads pop out and grab your customer’s attention every time.

Check Out Adplify Pro in Action

PursueApp Makes It Easy To Run
Successful Cold Email Campaigns For
Any Business

PursueApp Makes It Easy To Run Successful Cold Email Campaigns For Any Business

Online SAAS works in any location and any device.

In built cold email campaigns. Set it up once and forget.

GDPR & PECR compliant. Keeps your business safe and secure.

Craft perfect customer journeys for your niche and customer type.

Integrates with any lead source or CRM using Zapier.

Supports multiple campaigns. You can market multiple products or businesses.

Send Cold emails using Gmail, Gsuite, Outlook, Exchange or SMTP

Create custom emails to be sent on event triggers like open, clicks, etc.

Send emails at time intervals, specific days and events.

In-built email verification and cleaning system. Send only to valid leads.

Intelligent reporting system tells you exactly what’s working and what’s not.

Supports import of leads using CSV files.

Filter leads based on whether they opened your emails, clicked on them to find super qualified leads.

Supports export of leads to any CRM using CSV with advanced filtering.

Includes comprehensive training to help you make the best use of this app.

Includes training to help you do cold emailing correctly.

Full support for themes in emails. Create your unique look.

Free one readymade email sequence to help you get started.

Easy to use and newbie-friendly.

Free upgrades for 1-year

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Check Out PursueApp in Action

Get Your Ads+Cold Email Power Combo
With A Super Special Discount

Get Your Ads+Cold Email Power Combo With A Super Special Discount

We really appreciate your investment in CloudFunnels today and what better way to show it than bring you the best tools for your marketing success with the best offer possible.

AdPlify & PursueApp are proven products used by thousands of marketers to find new customers every day.

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PursueApp Pro $97 Per Year
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Your Cost For Everything 70% Less

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