Leadpages vs CloudFunnels: Which Funnels Builder
should You Choose?


Choosing the right funnel builder is a crucial decision for marketers. There are two popular options available in the market - CloudFunnels and Leadpages. Both these platforms come with unique features, but it's important to evaluate which platform aligns better with your business needs.

When comparing CloudFunnels and Leadpages, you should consider factors such as ease of use, features, and pricing. CloudFunnels is a popular Leadpages alternative for its affordability and flexibility, and it offers a wide range of integrations and templates. On the other hand, Leadpages is known for its user-friendly landing page builder and simple lead generation capabilities. Ultimately, choosing between them depends on what aspects are most critical to your business operations.

Features imgage CloudFunnels imageLeadpages
Websites Limit Install up to 15 Sites 1
Price Starts at $17 Starts at $49
Unlimited Funnels image image
Drag & Drop Page Builder image image
Email Autoresponder image image
Unlimited Workflows image image
Free Templates 150+ Free Templates Limited
White Labled image image
Commercial Use License image image
Self Hosted image image
Multi-user Login Unlimited image
Unlimited visitors image image
A/B Testing image image
DDOS Safety image image
24x6 Live Chat Support image image
Free Plugins image image
Payment Gateway Integrations 27+ Limited
Import Funnels image image
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CloudFunnels vs Leadpages: A Summary


Both platforms offer unique advantages for marketers and businesses.

CloudFunnels offers an extensive range of features including unlimited funnels, drag-and-drop builders, email autoresponders, unlimited workflows, and a vast template library at an affordable price point.

Leadpages focuses primarily on landing page creation and lead generation, with a user-friendly interface but fewer advanced marketing tools and a higher price point. CloudFunnels is a stronger alternative to Leadpages for businesses seeking a comprehensive solution with extensive features at a lower cost, making it a formidable competitor in the market.

While Leadpages excels in simplicity for basic landing pages, CloudFunnels provides more robust capabilities for funnel building, marketing automation, and scalability. For businesses looking for Leadpages alternatives, CloudFunnels stands out as an excellent option with its affordability, flexibility, and feature-rich toolset for creating high-converting funnels and marketing campaigns.

Read our full comparison below, and see why businesses are choosing CloudFunnels over Leadpages!

CloudFunnels vs Leadpages: Feature Comparison


At first glance, CloudFunnels and Leadpages might seem similar, both offering landing page and funnel-building capabilities for online marketing.

However, each platform comes with a distinct set of features, and understanding their differences is crucial when considering Leadpages alternatives.

  • image
    Websites Limit: CloudFunnels allows up to 15 sites; Leadpages only 1.
  • image
    Pricing: CloudFunnels starts at $17/month; Leadpages at $49/month.
  • image
    Unlimited Funnels: Both offer unlimited funnels.
  • image
    Page Builder: Drag & drop builders are available on both.
  • image
    Email Integration: Included in CloudFunnels; requires third-party integration with Leadpages.
  • image
    Workflows: Unlimited workflows with CloudFunnels; limited with Leadpages.
  • image
    Templates: CloudFunnels offers 150+ free templates; Leadpages has a limited selection.
  • image
    White Label: Available with CloudFunnels; not with Leadpages.
  • image
    Commercial License: Included with CloudFunnels; not with Leadpages.
  • image
    Hosting: CloudFunnels can be self-hosted; Leadpages cannot.
  • image
    User Access: CloudFunnels allows unlimited users; Leadpages does not.
  • image
    Visitors: Unlimited with CloudFunnels; unlimited with Leadpages.
  • image
    A/B Testing: Supported by CloudFunnels; not available with Leadpages.
  • image
    Security: DDoS protection with CloudFunnels; not specified for Leadpages.
  • image
    Support: CloudFunnels offers 24/6 live chat; Leadpages has limited support options.
  • image
    Plugins: CloudFunnels includes free plugins; Leadpages does not.

This comparison highlights the extensive feature set of CloudFunnels, positioning it as a robust alternative to Leadpages for businesses seeking more advanced marketing capabilities, flexibility, and scalability.

Multi-Channel Marketing Flexibility: Unlike Leadpages, which primarily focuses on landing page creation, CloudFunnels offers extensive integration capabilities across various marketing channels. This multi-channel approach allows for a broader marketing strategy, making CloudFunnels an excellent alternative for businesses seeking more comprehensive solutions beyond just landing pages.

Integration Capabilities: With a significant number of app integrations, CloudFunnels surpasses Leadpages, enabling users to connect with a wide array of tools and services for comprehensive automation and efficiency. This level of integration is crucial for businesses looking to streamline their marketing processes and maximize their reach.

Personalized Engagement Features: CloudFunnels emphasizes personalized communication and interaction, offering features that facilitate more meaningful connections with the audience. This sets it apart from Leadpages, which primarily focuses on lead capture, and positions CloudFunnels as a more well-rounded solution for engaging and nurturing leads throughout the customer journey.

Compatibility and Accessibility: CloudFunnels is designed to work seamlessly with different types of marketing needs and platforms, ensuring that users can leverage their full potential regardless of their preferred marketing approach or platform. This flexibility makes CloudFunnels an attractive option for businesses considering alternatives to Leadpages, as it can adapt to their existing systems and workflows.

Page Speed

Faster on CloudFunnels.

2 in 3

sales teams saw a return on their investment in the first 3 months


with CloudFunnels

Why Businesses Prefer
CloudFunnels Over Leadpages


For businesses seeking robust Leadpages alternatives, CloudFunnels stands out as a compelling choice, impressing users with its extensive features, flexibility, and exceptional support.

Comprehensive Marketing Solution:

Unlike Leadpages, which primarily focuses on landing pages, CloudFunnels offers a comprehensive suite of tools for funnel building, email marketing, workflow automation, and more, making it a one-stop solution for businesses' marketing needs.

Effortless Onboarding and User-Friendly Interface:

CloudFunnels excels in its user experience, providing an intuitive platform and guiding new users through its most impactful features, ensuring a seamless onboarding process, which can be a challenge with Leadpages' more limited feature set.

Robust Support System:

With an extensive library of guides, videos, and a dedicated customer support team available 24/6, CloudFunnels ensures that businesses have the resources and assistance they need to maximize the platform's capabilities effectively.

Competitive and Scalable Pricing:

CloudFunnels offers a range of pricing plans to accommodate businesses of all sizes, starting at a more affordable rate compared to Leadpages, making it an attractive option for businesses seeking value and scalability.

Cutting-Edge Funnel Building:

As a pioneer in the funnel-building space, CloudFunnels has consistently delivered innovative and advanced tools, staying ahead of the curve and ensuring that businesses have access to the latest technologies to drive their marketing efforts.

CloudFunnels Reviews: What clients say about our
Funnels Builder Software

CloudFunnels has truly transformed the way we approach digital marketing. With its seamless integration and intuitive interface, our conversion rates have soared to new heights!

CloudFunnels is fantastic, and their support is exceptional! I rely on CloudFunnels for building funnels for my business. Despite not being tech-savvy, I find the software user-friendly, and the tutorial videos are incredibly helpful.
Outstanding Technical Support from Aspak! I've had a fantastic experience with their tech support. CloudFunnels is a real asset for funnel building, and I'm seeing the benefits firsthand.
Amazingly affordable and easy to use Funnel building software This software streamlines email list control and landing page creation, saving time even for coders like me.

This review is factually correct as of the time of writing.

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