Convertri vs CloudFunnels: Which Funnels Builder
you should Choose?


As a marketer, choosing the right funnel builder is a crucial decision that requires careful consideration. CloudFunnels and Convertri are two popular platforms that offer unique features, but it's important to evaluate which one aligns better with your business needs.

When comparing CloudFunnels and Convertri, it's essential to consider factors such as ease of use, features, and pricing. CloudFunnels is a popular Convertri alternative for its affordability and flexibility, and it offers a wide range of integrations and templates. On the other hand, Convertri is known for its comprehensive tools for creating sales funnels and marketing features. Ultimately, the decision between them depends on what aspects are most critical to your business operations.

Features imgage CloudFunnels imageConvertri
Websites Limit Install up to 15 Sites 1
Price Starts at $17 Starts at $99
Unlimited Funnels image image
Drag & Drop Page Builder image image
Email Autoresponder image image
Unlimited Workflows image image
Free Templates 150+ Free Templates Limited
White Labled image image
Commercial Use License image image
Self Hosted image image
Multi-user Login Unlimited Upto 15 Users
Unlimited visitors image image
A/B Testing image image
DDOS Safety image image
24/6 Live Chat Support image image
Free Plugins image image
Payment Gateway Integrations 27+ Limited
Import Funnels image image
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CloudFunnels vs Convertri: A Comprehensive Comparison


Both CloudFunnels and Convertri present distinct advantages for marketers and businesses alike.

CloudFunnels stands out with its diverse range of features, offering unlimited funnels, a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder, and access to a vast template library, all at a budget-friendly price starting at $17. Additionally, CloudFunnels provides robust support for multi-user login, self-hosting, and a commercial use license, making it an attractive Convertri alternative for businesses seeking comprehensive features and affordability.

On the other hand, Convertri emphasizes simplicity and efficiency, catering to users with a single-site installation and a starting price of $99. While Convertri excels in providing an intuitive user interface and basic funnel-building tools, its limitations in terms of features such as email autoresponder, unlimited workflows, and A/B testing make CloudFunnels a more compelling choice for businesses looking for a Convertri alternative that offers a broader range of functionalities.

In summary, while both platforms offer unique strengths, CloudFunnels emerges as a robust Convertri alternative, providing businesses with an extensive feature set, competitive pricing, and enhanced flexibility. Explore our full comparison below to understand why CloudFunnels is the preferred choice over Convertri for many businesses!

CloudFunnels vs Convertri: Compare Features


At first glance, CloudFunnels and Convertri may appear similar, both offering robust funnel-building capabilities crucial for online marketing. However, a closer examination reveals key differences that make CloudFunnels a compelling Convertri alternative.

Feature Comparison:

  • image
    Installation Limits: CloudFunnels allows up to 15 sites, while Convertri restricts users to just one.
  • image
    Pricing: CloudFunnels offers plans starting at $17, significantly lower than Convertri's starting price of $99.
  • image
    Funnels: Both platforms provide unlimited funnel creation capabilities.
  • image
    Page Builder: CloudFunnels and Convertri differ here; CloudFunnels offers a drag-and-drop builder, while Convertri lacks this feature.
  • image
    Email Integration: CloudFunnels includes email autoresponder functionality, a feature absent in Convertri.
  • image
    Workflows: CloudFunnels offers unlimited workflows, whereas Convertri does not support this feature.
  • image
    Templates: CloudFunnels provides access to over 150 free templates, whereas Convertri's template library is limited.
  • image
    White Label: CloudFunnels supports white labelling, a feature not available in Convertri.
  • image
    Commercial License: CloudFunnels includes a commercial use license, whereas Convertri does not offer this option.
  • image
    Hosting: CloudFunnels can be self-hosted, providing greater flexibility compared to Convertri, which does not support self-hosting.
  • image
    User Access: CloudFunnels allows unlimited users, whereas Convertri limits access to up to 25 users.
  • image
    Visitors: Both platforms offer unlimited visitor capacity.
  • image
    A/B Testing: CloudFunnels and Convertri both support A/B testing functionality.
  • image
    Security: CloudFunnels prioritizes security with DDoS protection, whereas Convertri's security measures are not specified.
  • image
    Support: CloudFunnels offers 24/7 live chat support, whereas Convertri provides limited support options.
  • image
    Plugins: CloudFunnels includes free plugins, while Convertri does not offer this feature.

This comparison highlights the strengths of CloudFunnels as a robust Convertri alternative, offering comprehensive features at a more affordable price point. Consider your specific business needs to determine which platform aligns best with your requirements.

Multi-Channel Marketing Flexibility: CloudFunnels offers extensive integration capabilities across various marketing channels, unlike Convertri, which primarily focuses on funnel creation within its ecosystem. This multi-channel approach allows for a broader marketing strategy and makes CloudFunnels a great Convertri Alternative.

Integration Capabilities: With a significant number of app integrations, CloudFunnels surpasses Convertri, enabling users to connect with a wide array of tools and services for comprehensive automation and efficiency.

Personalized Engagement Features: CloudFunnels emphasizes personalized communication and interaction, offering features that facilitate more meaningful connections with the audience, setting it apart from Convertri.

Compatibility and Accessibility: CloudFunnels is designed to work seamlessly with different types of marketing needs and platforms, ensuring that users can leverage their full potential regardless of their preferred marketing approach or platform. This compatibility and accessibility make CloudFunnels an ideal choice for businesses seeking a Convertri Alternative.

Page Speed

Faster on CloudFunnels.

Cost Savings

Less than Convertri.


Higher with CloudFunnels.

Why Businesses Choose
CloudFunnels Over Convertri


CloudFunnels is rapidly emerging as the preferred choice in the funnel-building arena, captivating users with its versatility, simplicity, and top-notch support.

Effortless Onboarding:

CloudFunnels simplifies the setup process with its intuitive platform, guiding users through essential features for a smooth start.

Comprehensive Support System:

With a wealth of guides and videos, CloudFunnels caters to diverse learning styles. Its responsive customer support ensures timely assistance around the clock.

Competitive and Inclusive Pricing:

CloudFunnels offers competitive pricing plans that cater to businesses of all sizes, ensuring affordability without compromising on features.

Trailblazing Funnel Building Since Inception:

A pioneer in innovation, CloudFunnels has been leading the way in funnel-building technology, providing cutting-edge solutions since its inception.

Seamless CloudFunnels Setup::

CloudFunnels offers a seamless setup experience coupled with an intuitive interface, making it a hit among new users. Demonstrations of its powerful features ensure a quick start.

24/7 Customer Care:

CloudFunnels stands out with its dedicated customer support, offering extensive resources and a responsive team to assist whenever needed.

Value-Driven CloudFunnels Pricing:

With flexible pricing plans suitable for any budget, CloudFunnels delivers exceptional value, making advanced funnel building accessible to all.

CloudFunnels: Innovating Since Day One:

As an early innovator in the field, CloudFunnels has consistently led with advanced tools that refine and enhance marketing efforts.

CloudFunnels Reviews: What clients say about our
Funnels Builder Software

CloudFunnels is fantastic, and their support is exceptional! I rely on CloudFunnels for building funnels for my business. Despite not being tech-savvy, I find the software user-friendly, and the tutorial videos are incredibly helpful.
Outstanding Technical Support from Aspak! I've had a fantastic experience with their tech support. CloudFunnels is a real asset for funnel building, and I'm seeing the benefits firsthand.
Amazingly affordable and easy to use Funnel building software This software streamlines email list control and landing page creation, saving time even for coders like me.

Cloudfunnels completely revolutionized our digital marketing approach. The seamless integration with our existing systems and the user-friendly interface have boosted our conversion rates significantly!

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